If you are having problems with sound traveling from your next door neighbours property, we can help as we can supply soundproofing solutions for you problem. Our solutions can be used on either solid masonry walls or timber frame buildings and we can offer solutions for floor sound proofing

The product we use is independently tested on a single brick wall and achieves a 46dB total sound reduction. In human terms 46dB will block muffled conversation, muffled TV/ Music through a standard brick or block wall very effectively.

Some extra features you will appreciate
1. The acoustic plasterboard has a tapered edge allowing for smoother skim plaster finishes.
2. The denser acoustic plasterboard allows for more secure wall hangings.

We can undertake the product from start to finish we will install the soundproofing board with a plastered wall finish and replace any skirting boards, radiators and any fixtures and fittings they may need re installing.

Whether it is for the peace and quiet in your home, reducing noise in your office or meeting new building regulations, we have soundproofing for floors and walls that is second to none in quality. We listen to what the customer need and wants from a soundproofing project. We are able to complete full soundproofing installations in walls, floors and ceilingswhile still maintaining the beauty and aesthetics of your home or office designs. We deal with manufacturers and suppliers that can offer the highest quality of soundproofing and acoustical treatment solutions available today in the UK.

We use a combination of methods:

  • Mass (Acoustic Plasterboards/dB Boards/Mass Loaded Vinyls)
  • Multi Leaf construction (Multiple Layers)
  • Insulation Absorption (Acoustic Mineral Wool)
  • Impact barriers (Isonic Hangers, Resilient Bars, Genie Clips)

By combining these methods we are able to reduce airborne and impact sounds dramatically.

At easybuild we want to make sure your job is done right the first time; that’s why it’s so important that we talk before you make a final decision. These consultations are part of our service and are offered at no cost to you.